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Manan Thakrar

Controversy Of Professions

Dr. Manan Thakrar hailing from a small town in Gujarat, Jamnagar, has not only been practicing Medicine but also been well known for an initiative with the simple idea of making schools somewhere that children look forward to going. The small changes that he has created in a couple of Schools at Gujarat have opened up a completely new set of ideas regarding the much needed modernization of the education system.

Tadit Das

A Tad Bit Of Tadit

Tadit Dash is a Senior Software Engineer in Mindfire Solutions, Bhubaneswar. He volunteers for both online and offline communities. He writes articles, Blogs, Create Demos, Videos for fellow programmers. Answering questions on online forums is the activity he enjoy the most. Due to his exceptional contribution to the online community & CodeProject, they have awarded him CodeProject MVP (only one and first one from Odisha). Microsoft awarded Tadit the prestigious MVP award. He is the first one to get this award from Odisha. He was invited to attend the MVP Global Summit; at Microsoft Head Office Redmond and Bellevue, Washington, United States in November 2014. He is a regular Technical and Motivation Speaker. These days, he is more inclined towards finding solutions to the problems faced by technical students everyday in their studies. His innovative and entertaining way to capture the audience is simply remarkable.

Karthikeyan NG

Building Better Software

Karthikeyan is currently heading the engineering team at the lifestyle & fashion retail brand Chumbak. Previously he was running his own startup called GazeMatic and built a Virtual Reality Caller application where users can go for a virtual ride together when they are on a call. He has 8 years of experience in building products on web and mobile as well as love to have good conversation on latest technologies especially AI, ML, AR & VR. He has won more than 15 hackathons till now and love to build products from the idea stage to scaling stage. He is more interested towards building sustainable products on educational, social and retail platforms.

Ronak kumar Samantray

The Art of Chasing Idea

Ronak Samantray is the co-founder of NowFloats, a start-up aiming to make the internet relevant for India’s innumerable small businesses. He worked as a senior software engineer at Microsoft for 3 years before started NowFloats along with three co-founders. NowFloats enables local businesses to get active online presence. It provides frictionless, mobile technology that connects online consumers to local offline businesses via latest content. Without access to the internet or even a computer, NowFloats helps business owners set up and update their own websites entirely by SMS. Currently, over 70,000 businesses use the platform to attract more local customers. Ronak is also the co-inventor and chief adviser of Bolt, world's first 'smart' mobile-phone charger for motor bikes. The "Bolt Experience" comprises of the Bolt Charger and Bolt Pocket + Bolt Riders app. He has also co-designed a ‘Speech Glove’ that has the capability to recognize finger gestures and convert them to speech.

Sagar Pratihari

Invest Early Invest Wisely

Sagar Pratihari is a serial investor. He is an inspiration to lots of budding entrepreneurs. Fitness runs through his blood and lifestyle. And he is the man behind lots of successful startup

Suvankar Mishra

Future of Food

Suvankar Mishra is a social entrepreneur, he specializes and focus on design thinking,fundraising/investment strategy, social impact strategy and storytelling for social impact.Pioneering sustainable, tech-driven, social impact solutions in low income markets, eKutir’s micro-entrepreneurship business model works across agriculture, wash and food & amp; nutrition to fuel job creation, prosperity and livelihoods for the poorest communities. His leadership in eKutir paved ways to impact more than 100,000 people in India by establishing 500+ digitally trained entrepreneurs to increase incomes through farming, be food secured, have access to basic sanitation systems, and build a tech-enabled ecosystem to tackle poverty. He has received fellowships from Intel Capital and GKPF. He is Executive alum of Stanford University, Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania.